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High Quality Plated Mugs

Discover Our premium plated mugs. crafted from high quality Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass. these mugs enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktails, specially the moscow mule. We offer a diverse range of plated  mugs including moscow mule mugs, straight mugs, tumblers, tankards, and plain mugs. Our plated mugs comes in various finished such as, Copper plated, Brass Plated, PVD Plated, Gun Metal Plated, Antique Mugs,  gives the actual aesthetic look. Having a complete in house set up we offer the highest quality, each mug is crafted by our skilled artisans, We are the prime manufacturers in India, with proud supply records to top brands and hospitality industries in the US and UK, which includes Tito’s Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Jack Daniel’s, and more. Aside from this, we export 45,000-50,000 pieces every month to the US, and we also offer branding services such as chemical etching, engraving, embossing, and pad printing. Get hold of our premium copper mugs and boost your brand now.

High Quality and Custom Finishes:

We offer the multiple finishes with the top quality, it remain for last with the care. From copper plating to black nickel . here please explore  the options:

  • Copper Plating:

    The copper plating gives the rustic look and provide the excellent thermal conductivity. The copper plated mugs are perfect to serve the traditional moscow mule drinks. Professional bars or home these mugs add the sophisticated touch.

  • Brass Plating:

    Brass-plated mugs are popular for their charm, bright that adds a luxurious touch to any party. the brass plated mugs add the aesthetic and vintage touch to any occasion. it remain long last with minimal care.  

  • Nickel Plating:

    Nickel-plated mugs are popular for luxuries look, A thin layer of nickel onto the metal object. They have very rich and elegant touch.  it remain long last with minimal care.  Nickel plating provides a protective layer that resists corrosion.

  • PVD Plating/Coating:

    PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) a modern and contemporary finish which is stylish and durable at the same time. PVD coating comes in different colors such as brass, copper, gold, rose gold, rainbow. PVD is one of the most durable finish.

  • Gun Metal Plating:

     Gun Metal Finish is a dark and metallic finish, it is similar to the black nickel, Gun metal is one of the most durable finish. it gives the sophisticated look and best for any occasion.  

Why Choose  Our Plated Mugs:

Quality Assurance:

Our each Plated mugs is crafted by the skilled artisans, we maintain the highest quality standard, we have experienced quality control team, which supervise the every step of the process, from designing to final touch.

In-house Manufacturing:

We do have complete in-house setup, our mugs are manufactured completely in-house, from designing to packaging. We do have Our production facility consists of Deep drawing Power presses, Spinning Machines, Turning Machines, Cutting Machine, Scrapping, Polishing Machine, Engraving/Etching, Pad Printing, Lacquering Plant, Plating Plant and Powder Coating Plant.

Trusted By Leading Brands:

Our Copper mugs are trusted by the top brands like Tito’s Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Jack Daniel’s, and more.

Customization and Cost Effective:

We have the facility for Custom Branding, you can personalize our mugs with your logo or brand name. We offer the customization through Chemical Etching/Engraving Embossing and Pad Printing. We can customize the design and shape. As a manufacturer we categorize cost efficiency throughout the whole production process. we have privilege to offer the comitative price without compromising the quality. so you can directly order from manufacturer.

For bulk orders and inquiries, please contact us at Musecrafts to discuss how we can start business together and provide to your business with our premium copper mugs.


Q: How to contact for bulk orders?

A: Visit our website and explore the product and you can add  multiply product into add to enquiry page and directly send the enquiry .or you can directly send us an email at / .

Q: Is there any minimum order quantity?

A: Each category has a different MOQs. Start from 24 pcs and goes 240 pcs.

Q: Do you offer retail services?

A: No, We don’t offer retail services, our focus is on wholesale distribution.

Q: Can we order with our brand logo?

A: Yes, We offer the customization, From brand logo to customize packaging. we are open for any type of customization.

Q: What is the shipping process?

A: Shipping process depends on various factors such as volume of shipment, shipping courier, and shipping partners. We ship through the air transit and sea transit, The Air transit is for low volume shipments, In the air transit the freight is higher but delivery is fast. And the sea transit is for high volume shipments, In the sea transit the freight is lower but it takes much time.

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