Embossed Copper Wine Bottle Holder- Shiny Polished


  • SKU: 5646
  • Dimension:  9.5×9.5×12 Cm
  • Finish: Shiny Polished
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Design: The elegant and sophisticated design of a embossed copper wine bottle holder adds a touch of style to any home bar or kitchen. It’s a perfect way to display your favorite wines, whether you’re a collector or just enjoy a glass of wine now and then.
  • Versatility: Hammered Copper wine bottle holders are also versatile, suitable for various types of wine bottles, from standard size to magnum bottles. They can be used for chilling or storing wine, making them a useful addition to any home bar or wine cellar.
  • Durability: Hammered Copper wine bottle holders are made of high-quality copper, which is a sturdy and long-lasting material. Copper is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring your wine stays safe and secure. With proper care, copper wine bottle holders can last for many years,
  • Cleaning: Hand Wash.

Shiny Polished Embossed Copper Wine Bottle Holder

Our Embossed Copper Wine Bottle Holder is a stunning addition to any home bar. Made with high-quality copper with pineapple apple embossing make it luxuries and aesthetic, Keep your wine perfectly chilled with our copper wine bottle cooler – a stylish accessory for any wine lover. it’s both durable and functional, ensuring your favorite bottles stay safe and secure. Impress your guests with its elegant design and keep your wine collection within easy reach. Perfect for entertaining or enjoying a glass of wine at home. Muse Crafts Barware Collection.

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