Solid Brass Japanese Jigger 25/50 ml


  • SKU: 5516
  • Capacity: 25 ml/50 ml
  • Finish: Polished with Food Safe Lacquer Coated
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Design: Dual-sided design for accurate measurements with laser marking, sleek and ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand for easy, controlled pouring.
  • Versatility: Allows for accurate measurement of both large and small amounts of liquor and mixers, making it versatile for a wide range of cocktails.
  • Durability: Built to last with premium quality materials
  • Cleaning: Hand-wash.

High Quality Solid Brass Japanese Jigger 25/50 ml

Elevate your mixology game with the precision and style of the Solid Brass Japanese Jigger 25/50 ml. Inspired by the timeless elegance of Japanese craftsmanship, this sleek jigger is designed to help you craft perfectly balanced cocktails with ease. Its dual-sided design allows for accurate measurements of both large and small amounts, while its smooth, ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable and controlled grip. Made from high-quality brass, the Japanese Jigger is built to last and adds a touch of sophistication to any bar setup. Muse Crafts Barware Collection.

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