Handmade Viking Drinking Horn Mug


  • SKU: 5853
  • Capacity: 16 Oz
  • Finish: Polished With Food Safe Lacquered
  • Material: Natural Horn
  • Design: Each tankard is traditionally crafted to the perfection of medieval styled with 100% natural  horns and comes packaged in a medieval burlap sack. As this is an authentic horn each mug is unique in shape and color.
  • Versatility: This mug is perfect for serving up refreshing drinks like Moscow Mules, you can also enjoy serving any mixed or iced drinks including Rum, Tequila, Gin, Whiskey, Beer, Wine, Iced-tea, Coffee or even Lemonade.
  • Durability: The Horn Drinking Mug is highly durable, thanks to its high-quality construction.
  • Cleaning: Hand-Wash.

High Quality Handmade Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Unleash your inner Viking with the extraordinary Handmade Viking Drinking Horn Mug. Crafted with intricate engravings and a weathered finish, this unique vessel transports you to a world of epic tales and brave warriors. Raise it to your lips and savor your favorite beverage, embracing the spirit of adventure. Let the legends come alive as you sip from this remarkable mug.

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