5 Arm Aluminum Candelabra- Shiny Polished


  • SKU: 5900
  • Dimension:  78 Cm
  • Finish: Shiny Polished
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Design: The 5-arm candelabra features an elegant and graceful design with a central stem and five evenly spaced, delicately curved arms.

Shiny Polished 5 Arm Aluminum Candelabra

Elegant and refined, this silver finished 5 Arm Aluminum Candelabra epitomizes timeless sophistication. Its graceful design showcases five impeccably crafted arms, exuding a harmonious balance. Add sophisticated style and party panache to your table with this stunning 5 Candle Candelabra.  A perfect blend of classic beauty and contemporary allure, it embodies the essence of refined style.

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